Writing a Book

I was fortunate enough to be asked and motivated to write a book at first by Dr. Kobus du Toit (Veterinarian) and then later by Professor Kobus Badenhorst (Geologists).

All my life I was very interested in medicine, more specifically pharmacology and wildlife. These two subjects paved the way for endless opportunities to study and learn more everyday. During a course on Wildlife Chemical Capture I learned that many mistakes occur in lectures and these mistakes are then captured in print, only to be carried forward in error. Writing a book alone does not appeal to me, only if the book is connected to the internet and updates are constantly available the book means something.

"The 458 Express Story" was an very exciting project and I learned a lot. The experience is worth gold and I am sure the next book will follow soon. My advise to any person : "learn and write", only when you capture a thought pattern in writing and you sign your name next to it does mean something!

Be warned though, if you cannot handle critics, do not even try to write. Remember, even some professionals suffer from jealousy, and they will criticize your work with a venom unknown to you. Learn to deal with it and some times a "thick skin" helps as well. Your work will also be praised and found very useful by others, these comments will be far more rewarding than any trophy you ever received.

Time is always a constraint and unfortunately sometimes also used as an excuse. I decided to capture articles and make them available. Use the menu on the left and click on Articles and choose a subject. Kindly send me your opinion and articles and I will gladly post some of them.


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